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Thu, Feb

AI: Pope Francis Calls For Strict Regulation Say It Is Capable Of Displacing Humanity

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Pope Francis has call on the world of science to be wary of how they deploy the Artificial Intelligence as it is capable of destroying the humanity. AI is a field in a computer science that uses a machine for a simulation of human intelligence in various field of human endeavour. In the last three to five years, the AI is becoming popular in business as they are constantly being deployed to replace some human activities.

Conveying the pope Francis message, Alfred Martins, of the holy Cross Cathedral Lagos state Catholic Archbishop said, the pope spoke yesterday while celebrating mass to usher in a new year and to mark the annual work day of peace. 

In his statement, Pope was quoted saying “i would like to address God’s people, the various nations, heads of state and governments, leaders, in other to offer my fervent good wishes for peace. 

Pope added, “Conversely, if advancement in science and technology is making it possible to exercise hitherto unprecedented control over reality, it places in human hands a vast array of options including some that may pose risk to humanity. 

“The uncontrolled use of Artificial Intelligence is capable of destabilising the world in every facet, pope asserted.
“With the regulation of its use, AI will promote humanity, pace commerce, agriculture and curtail wars in a society, while its abuse will endanger peace, commerce, agriculture and engulf the world. 

He explained that human intelligence is an expression of the dignity of which people have been endowed by the creator, and that when they deploy technology to make the earth a favourable dwelling, they carry out Gods plan. 

“the positive outcome will only be achieved if we show ourselves capable of acting responsibly and respect such fundamental human values as inclusion, transparency, security, equity and reliability, pope concluded.