The United States President Donald Trump is set to slam a travel ban on more countries, possibly including Nigeria, the popular black nation. Politico reports that on Monday, 27th, January, 2019 President Trump is expected to make an announcement, exactly three years when Mr Trump signed the travel ban in 2017, a week he takes over power in the U.S.

US-IRAN: US Bars Flights To Cuban Airports

As the United States continues its sanctions on Iran, United States Secretary of States, Mike Pompeo on Friday disclosed that it has sharply reduced flights allowed to go to Cuba in a bid to reduce tourism revenue to the communist island.

Trump Signs China Trade Deal

United States President, Donald Trump on Wednesday ended two years of escalating trade battles with China, with a partial agreement to resolve some areas of conflict between the two countries.

Canadian Prime Minister has reacted following Iran’s admission that its military actually downed the Ukranian international airline killing all 176 passengers and crew on Wednesday. Speaking on Saturday, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau said his government expects the “full cooperation” of Iranian authorities in investigating the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752.

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