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Thu, Nov

Former US First Lady Rosalynn Carter Dies Aged 96

Rosalynn Carter, the wife of former United States of America President, Jimmy Carter has died aged 96. She died peacefully with her family by her side at her home in Plains, Georgia, according to the Carter Center, a not-for-profit organization founded by her husband of 77 years, former president Jimmy Carter. "Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, a passionate champion of mental health, caregiving, and women’s rights, passed away Sunday, Nov. 19, at 2:10 p.m. at her home in Plains, Georgia, at the age of 96. She died peacefully, with family by her side,” the Carter Center stated on Sunday.

22 Killed, Dozens Injured In Mass Shooting In Lewiston, Maine

In the state of Maine, a man hunt is underway for the person of interest in a mass shooting. There are reports of atleast 22 people dead and dozens injured. Police says the man connected with this horrific rampage is still on the run. The shooting happened about 7:00 on Wednesday, in Lewiston, Maine, a city of about 37,000 people. It is located about 35 miles north of Portland.  An hour later after the shooting authorities informed people to shelter indoors and lock doors.Authorities said they have identified Robert Card as a person of interest in the shooting. Card had been trained at a military facility as a firearm instructor and was recently committed to a mental facility. Police say he is considered armed and dangerous.  

3-Year-Old Shoots And Kills Sibling In California

A 3-year-old accidentally shot and killed one-year-old sibling with an unsecure handgun on Monday in northern San Diego County, United States, authorities said. The local police responded to a call from the child on Monday morning about 7:30 a.m. at a home in the 1100 block of S. Stagecoach Lane in Fallbrook. Upon arrival, they found that the 3-year-old child had accidentally shot and killed their one-year-old sister. The child had found an unsecured handgun in the home and was able to access it.

Search And Rescue Underway For Missing Titanic Submarine 

A search and rescue was underway Monday for a submarine that went missing in the North Atlantic on an expedition to explore the wreckage of the Titanic. Lt. Jordan Hart of the U.S. Coast Guard in Boston first confirmed to CBS News that personnel were “currently undergoing a search and rescue operation”  The Small submersible disappeared while taking a crew of five people to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to view the Titanic ship wreck. The search area is located about 720. Miles from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the wreckage sits about 13000 feat below the surface. Coast guard officials say the 22 foot submersible carries enough oxygen for about four days and among the five people on board is according to family members is explorer and British billionaire Hamish Harding. The last communication from the vessel was from Sunday morning. On Monday afternoon, Rear Adm John Mauger of the U.S. Coast Guard said: “We anticipate there is somewhere between 70 and the full 96 hours available at this point.”

Donald Trump Indicted In Classified Documents Case

The former United State President, Donald Trump in recent charges been indicted by the US Justice Department. Trump was accused in multiple new counts including, altering, destroying, mutilating, or concealing an object; and corruptly altering, destroying, mutilating or concealing a document, record or other object; and an additional charge of willful retention of national defense information.

Substance Suspected To Be Cocaine Found In White House 

A powdery substance suspected to be cocaine discovered in the White House on Sunday was found in a cubby hole in a West Wing entry area where visitors place electronics and other belongings before going on tours, a source familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. The Secret Service is investigating the matter prompting an evacuation Sunday night. This is ascertain how exactly the substance entered the white house. The White House said. “They’re checking visitor logs and….. looking at cameras. Those are the next steps. Cross-checking,” said the source. An initial test of the substance conducted by the District of Columbia Fire Department soon after it was found indicated it was cocaine, and the additional test took place Tuesday night.

White Homeowner Charged With Shooting Of Black Teenager In US

A white 84-year-old homeowner in the US state of Missouri has been charged with shooting a black teenager, Ralph Yarl, who rang the wrong doorbell while picking up his siblings. Andrew Lester has been charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action, says Clay County Prosecuting Attorney Zachary Thompson on Monday evening. Mr. Lester, allegedly shot Yarl, 16, once in the head and once in the arm last Thursday night. The boy survived. “I can tell you there was a racial component to this case,” Thompson said at a press conference on Monday. There is no indication that Lester or Ralph spoke to one another before the Thursday evening shooting, Thompson said. The prosecutor added there is no evidence that the teen entered the home and preliminary evidence shows Lester opened fire on the teen through a glass door with a .32 caliber revolver. There is no video of the encounter, Thompson added.

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