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Sun, May

iOS 18 Leaks: Airpods Pro To Gain 'Hearing Aid Mode' In New Apple Update

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Apple is likely to release the iOS 18 update at the company's WWDC 2024 later this year and the tech giant is expected to bring a number of AI-related improvements in this year's software update for its iPhones. Apart from the AI extravanza, a new report has hinted at the new hearing and accessibility related feature that may be introduced with the iOS 18 update. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the iOS 18 will come with a new 'hearing aid mode ' that would allow users to play different tones and sounds, allowing the AirPods to detect how well a person can hear. This is expected to come handy for people with hearing issues.

Apple's Live Listen has helped the hard of hearing use AirPods to better hear their surroundings for a few years. Now, it appears Apple will be going one major step further.

Listen Live uses the iPhone as a directional microphone, with the audio fed into the worn AirPods. Meanwhile Conversation Boost for AirPods Pro helps improve the audio quality for conversations happening right in front of the user.

The 'hearing aid' feature is likely to endear the AirPods Pro to the hard of hearing more than they already do. In 2022, a study determined AirPods Pro were roughly on par with prescription hearing aids, though they were deemed not to be able to replace the medical-grade devices in all situations.

Gurman also says there will be new low-end and mid-tier versions of AirPods, intended to replace the second and third-gen AirPods.