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US Govt. Shuts Down Silicon Valley Bank

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The United States regulators announced that they have shut down the 16th largest financial institution in the country, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). It was reported that the move came after the bank started experiencing a bad run amidst concerns raised by depositors.

Meta: Facebook, Instagram Users To Pay $12 Monthly For Verification

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The parent company of Facebook and Instagram, Meta, has announced a new monthly verification fee of $11.99 for verified accounts on their social media platforms. According to reports, this was revealed in a Facebook post, on Sunday by the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg which said that ‘Meta Verified’ would let users, “verify your account with a government ID, get a blue badge, get extra impersonation protection against accounts claiming to be you, and get direct access to customer support.

AI War: Microsoft, Google Fightback Against ChatGPT

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Tech giants, Microsoft and Google in response to OpenAI ChatGPT creation have unveiled their own AI chatbot that will be integrated into its search engine Binge, Google search and browser Edge. A recent report from analysts claimed ChatGPT had reached 100 million monthly users to become the fastest-growing internet app in history.

UK Government Bans TikTok

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The United Kingdom government has imposed an immediate security ban on the social media app TikTok over security concerns. The country has now joined the US, Canada, Belgium and the European Commission to ban the Chinese-owned video app, especially on government devices.

About 200 Cyber-Attacks Blocked During Presidential Election- Galaxy Backbone

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Galaxy Backbone (GBB) revealed that the Federal Government blocked about 200 cyber-attacks during the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections. This was made known on Tuesday by the GBB, Managing Director, Muhammad Abubakar during the two-day Ministerial training for GBB Board Members and Management Staff titled, “Positioning the GBB Team for Effective Management and Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

We Were Never Hacked - Flutterwave

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One of Africa's and Nigeria's fintech giants Flutterwave has debunked the news of being hacked after reports making waves allegedly stated that the platform was hacked and that about N2.9 billion was moved. However, the fintech giant has debunked such reports.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Steps Down After Nearly A Decade

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, has just announced that she will be stepping down from her role after nine years. Wojcicki, who joined Google as its 16th employee in 1999, revealed her intention in a statement on Thursday.

Jumia LaysOff Workers, Downsizes By 20%

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E-commerce company, Jumia, has downsized its workforce by 20% as part of the company's strategies of cutting costs and reducing losses. The company made this disclosure on Thursday 16th February 2023 and also announced that it has streamlined its organizational structure and put in place more effective teams fully committed to the execution of its strategy.

Scientists Amazed As A Piece Of Sun Breaks Off

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A section of the sun has left the surface and begun circulating around the top of the star as if it were a huge polar vortex, and it’s not exactly clear why it’s happened. The giant filament of plasma appears to have broken away from the sun and swirled around its north pole in a tornado-like vortex. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the mysterious event on February 2. The entire spectacle, which lasted about 8 hours, went viral on Twitter when Tamitha Skov, a science communicator and research scientist at The Aerospace Corporation in California, posted footage.

Mobile Subscriptions Hit 222 Million - NCC


The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC has revealed that the total number of subscribers rose from 195.13 million as of December 2021 to 222.23 million. The commission added that the growth signifies a complete shake-off in the decline that plagued the telecoms industry in 2021 when the total number of mobile subscriptions dropped by 4.42 per cent from 204.15 million in December 2020 to 195.13 million in December 2021.

Russia Quits International Space Station


Russia has announced that it will quit the International Space Station (ISS) after its current commitment expires in 2024 and will focus more on creating its own orbital outpost. Although Russia is yet to inform other partners about its decision, NASA officials, who want to extend operations of the space station through 2030, have expressed confidence that Russia would remain.

Court Orders MultiChoice To Sub-license Channels


The Court of Appeal sitting in Port Harcourt has ordered the popular subscription-based platform, MultiChoice, to sub-license some of its channels to Metro Digital, a multi-channel terrestrial digital service provider in Nigeria. The judgement was delivered on Wednesday by Justice Olabode Adegbehingbe, who ruled that the lower court erred in dismissing the suit of Metro Digital (the Appellant) when the appellant provided proof of the existence of the dispute between itself and MultiChoice (the first Respondent).

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