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The U.S. has new supercomputer and it’s twice as fast as the current record holder in China. At 200 petaflops, the United States' newest supercomputer is no joke. The Department of Energy recently debuted Summit -- the world's latest and most powerful supercomputer. Summit operates at 200 petaflops while at maximum capacity.

Apple's iPhone X Plus Schematics Leaks

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Schematics for the anticipated iPhone X Plus expected by fans in September has leaked showing that the model will carry a 6.5-inch edge-to-edge OLED display, powered by a 7nm A12 SoC.

The schematics show iPhone X Plus will introduce triple rear camera. Huawei beat Apple to market with this technology in the excellent P20 Pro, the iPhone X Plus will be the handset to bring it to the masses.

Microsoft Teases First Look For Halo Infinite Game At E3 2018

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Microsoft has teased a first look of the new Halo video game at E3 2018 on Sunday. Halo Infinite is a new Halo game that appears to include a giant world associated with it, and vehicles like the classic Warthog.

Microsoft demonstrated a brief teaser video of Halo Infinite at the beginning of its E3 keynote today, and says the new title will be centered on Master Chief and “continues the current storyline” after the events of Halo 5.

In an effort to mitigate the abuse of children and aid those who have been abused In a bid to tackle abuse of children and aid those who have been abused get help, the Jose Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, has developed a mobile application for children.

The Country Representative of the Foundation, Mrs Eunice Pius made this known at workshop titled “Elimination of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Nigeria” organised by the foundation in Abuja.

Mrs Pius disclosed that the application, “CSE App” enables children who are sexually exploited report and get assistance.

Roscomos To Make Space Exploration Safer By Shooting Down Space Debris


Russian space agency Roscosmos has made public its plan to shoot down space debris from a junk-littered low-earth orbit with a three-meter laser ‘cannon.’ If the tests are successful, the method will ensure safer space exploration.

The technology is being developed by scientists at the Research-and-Production Corporation Precision Systems, which is a subdivision of Roscosmos, the reports.

Cambridge Analytica Admits Receiving Data From Researcher In Facebook


Former chief of Cambridge Analytica’s Alexander Nix, denied deliberately misleading British lawmakers, even as he admitted that his company did receive data from the researcher at the center of a scandal over Facebook data, countering his previous testimony.

Cambridge Analytica has revealed that its work on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign did not use data at the center of the Facebook scandal, where the details of around 87 million users were allegedly improperly gotten.

Settlement with the United State Commerce Department that would allow China’s No. 2 telecommunications equipment maker to resume business with U.S. suppliers was made public on Monday, days after the company agreed to pay a $1 billion fine, overhaul its leadership and meet other conditions.

But the ban on buying U.S. parts, compulsory by the department in April, will not be lifted until the company pays the fine and places $400 million more in escrow in a U.S.-approved bank, the agency said.

ZTE (0763.HK) did not immediately react to requests for comment on Monday.

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Forza Horizon 4 — the imaginatively named sequel to 2016’s Forza Horizon 3 — has officially been announced for both the Xbox One and PC onstage at Microsoft’s E3 presentation. In keeping with the tick-tock cadence of the mainstream, ultra-realistic Forza Motorsport titles and the more laid-back Forza Horizon series, Forza Horizon 4 is an arcade racer.

The social media giant Facebook has revealed a new bug that switched 14 million users' privacy settings to public without their permission.

Affected users had the privacy settings of their posts automatically set to be shared to "everyone", even if they had chosen a setting which restricted who could see them.

The bug affected Facebook's internal systems between 18 and 22 May; the social media company was not able to return the posts to their original settings until 27 May.

Facebook has announced two big changes regarding the way music can be used on the platform. Users will now be able to include music within personal videos and choose from a variety of songs for a new feature called Lip Sync Live. The company is testing out options to let people include music from these catalogs (which includes millions of titles) within their personal videos. It plans on rolling out this capacity on a global level, although no exact time frame has been given.

During Monday's annual parade of new products and software changes, Apple said it will start asking Safari users to opt-in to the people tracking Facebook does well beyond its own borders through the like buttons and Facebook-enabled comment sections that appear on a galaxy of websites.

Facebook Inc said on Friday it will pull the plug on the ‘Trending’ topics feature that compiles popular news from its social network, as it seeks to ensure users see news from trustworthy and quality sources. The move, effective next week, comes at a time when the world’s largest social network is combating the spread of fake news on its platform, which has in some places become central to the distribution of news.

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