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Niger Coup: French Troops, Ambassador To Leave Niger – Macron

Africa News

President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday announced the withdrawal of about 1500 French troops from Niger by the end of 2023 The French president also confirmed that the French ambassador to Niger would return shortly to France. This is following the coup that ousted President Mohamed Bazoum on July 26. "France has decided to withdraw its ambassador. In the next hours our ambassador and several diplomats will return to France," Macron said.

Niger Coup: France Plans Withdrawal Of Ambassador, Troops

Africa News

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron has announced on Sunday about the withdrawal of its ambassador from Niger Republic, followed by its military troops of about 1,500 soldiers stationed in Niger, as part of the anti-terrorism security force stationed in the Sahel region.

Storm Kills Over 5,000 In Libya, Thousands More Missing

Africa News

At least more than 5,000 people are missing in Libya after a severe storm slammed into its eastern coast this week, according to the Red Cross. The storm made landfall in Libya a few days later, causing flooding on Sunday in cities along its eastern coast, including Benghazi, Bayda, and Derna. More than 5,300 bodies have so far been recovered in Derna. This is the worst, affected city where at least 34,000 people have been displaced.
The death toll is expected to rise as operations continue to recover bodies.

USA-Iran Deal: 5 prisoners Freed, $6Bn Funds Unfrozen

Middle East & Asia News

The United States America (USA) and the Republic of Iran have concluded a deal where 5 American citizens with Iranian citizenship were swapped in exchange for the unfreezing of $6 billion of Iranian funds. The frozen funds were transferred to banks in Qatar, which acted as the mediator in the deal between the 2 countries.

BRICS Summit: Six New Members To Be Admitted Next Year

Middle East & Asia News

The South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa has stated that the ongoing summit by the BRICS club of emerging nations will admit six new members, including Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran, at the start of 2024.

10 Killed As Israeli Military Launch Massive Raid In Jenin

Middle East & Asia News

Several thousand Palestinians have fled their homes in the Jenin refugee camp in the north as Israeli military launched the biggest military operation in the West Bank in years, according to Palestinian officials. The Palestinian Red Cresent said it has evacuated about 3,000 people from the Jenin camp, where about 14,000 people live in an area of less than half a square kilometre. Atleast 10 Palestinians have been killed during the raid were over 1,000 Israeli soldiers backed by air attacks raided the camp early on Monday wounding about 100 people.

Donald Trump Indicted In Classified Documents Case

US & Canada News

The former United State President, Donald Trump in recent charges been indicted by the US Justice Department. Trump was accused in multiple new counts including, altering, destroying, mutilating, or concealing an object; and corruptly altering, destroying, mutilating or concealing a document, record or other object; and an additional charge of willful retention of national defense information.

3-Year-Old Shoots And Kills Sibling In California

US & Canada News

A 3-year-old accidentally shot and killed one-year-old sibling with an unsecure handgun on Monday in northern San Diego County, United States, authorities said. The local police responded to a call from the child on Monday morning about 7:30 a.m. at a home in the 1100 block of S. Stagecoach Lane in Fallbrook. Upon arrival, they found that the 3-year-old child had accidentally shot and killed their one-year-old sister. The child had found an unsecured handgun in the home and was able to access it.

Substance Suspected To Be Cocaine Found In White House 

US & Canada News

A powdery substance suspected to be cocaine discovered in the White House on Sunday was found in a cubby hole in a West Wing entry area where visitors place electronics and other belongings before going on tours, a source familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. The Secret Service is investigating the matter prompting an evacuation Sunday night. This is ascertain how exactly the substance entered the white house. The White House said. “They’re checking visitor logs and….. looking at cameras. Those are the next steps. Cross-checking,” said the source. An initial test of the substance conducted by the District of Columbia Fire Department soon after it was found indicated it was cocaine, and the additional test took place Tuesday night.

Teenagers Stabs Teachers, Students In Spanish School

Europe News

A 14-year-old teenager stabbed three teachers and one pupil in a high school in Jerez de la Frontera, Southern Spain. According to police authorities, they received a call on Thursday about 8.25.a.m. alerting them that an armed individual was attacking people. The attacker who has been arrested stabbed the five victims repeatedly shortly after classes started at the school, police spokesman, Adrian Dominguez told reporters at the scene.

UK Set To Proscribe Wagner As Terrorist Group

Europe News

The government of United Kingdom is set to proscribe Wagner, the Russian mercenary group, as a terrorist organization given that the group’s involvement in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was regarded as criminal by Britain. The BBC, the UK’s public service broadcaster, reported a draft order would be put forward in parliament to allow Wagner’s assets to be categorised as “terrorist” property and seized. The designation will make it illegal for anyone in the UK to be a member of the group or support it. The home Secretary Suella Braverman was to make the Wagner Group a “proscribed” organisation under anti-terror laws, putting it on a par with Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

Wagner Chief, Prigozhin Reportedly Dead

Europe News

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Wagner Group Chief along with 9 other people has reportedly died in a plane crash. Unconfirmed reports from Russian state media claims the Wagner boss was listed among passengers on the flight. In June, Prigozhin led a failed mutiny against the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.