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Sun, May

Israel-Hamas War: Egypt Opens Rafah Border 

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A first group of injured evacuees from Gaza crossed into Egypt on Wednesday under a Qatari-mediated deal. This is the first time Rafah border is being opened to Gazans since the Israel-Haras war began.  More than 500 foreign nationals and dual citizens will be allowed to leave the enclave, the Gaza Borders and Crossings Authority said in a statement verified by Al Jazeera’s Sanad Agency. The evacuees were conveyed in ambulances through the Rafah border crossing. Under the deal reached between Egypt, Israel and Hamas, a number of foreigners and critically wounded people will be allowed to leave the besieged territory.

According to earlier reports, dozens of injured Palestinians who are in dire need of medical treatment in Egypt will also be allowed to leave the enclave.

Convoys of desperately needed aid have been trickling in Gaza through Rafah since last month but no people had been allowed through the crossing until Wednesday.

Queues formed on Wednesday morning at the terminal. After being allowed into the terminal area, huge queues formed around crossing booths for checks on passports and other documents.

Ambulances waited on the Egyptian side to take away the wounded and sick.

The deal followed another day of bloodshed in Gaza in which an Israeli air strike killed about 50 people in a refugee camp, according to Palestinian health officials. Israel said the attack killed a senior Hamas commander and many other combatants.