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Twitter Ban: Tech Giant To Bounce Back After Meeting Conditions

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Twitter users may soon smile after the tech giant has met the condition that made the federal government ban their operation in Nigeria. The Technical Committee inaugurated by the federal Government to fine-tune conditions that may lead to unblocking the microblogger from operations seems to appear to have agreed on most of the conditions. Meanwhile, President Buhari is waiting for the report from the technical committee to give it a nod that Twitter should resume operation since its ban since last year June.
It was learned that Mr. President has agreed in principle that the microblogger operations be restored in Nigeria after obliging to the conditions given to them.

It was revealed that the Federal Government after this is planning to review some terms and conditions at the National Broadcasting Commission (MBC) Act to include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. 

According to an investigation by Vigil360, the tech giant has met all the conditions the Federal Government gave to them to bounce back to operation. 

The conditions include;
. Open an office in Nigeria
. Have a country representative
. Register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)/get National Broadcasting Commission’s license
. Payment of fair taxes
. Be sensitive to national security and cohesion. It must not undermine the nation’s security 

Train Nigerian IT personnel and strategic intelligence officers on how to report Twitter abuse /infractions noticed by the government. 

A source who spoke on the condition of anonymity revealed that; the microblogger has finally met the conditions set to them by the federal government that will warrant lifting the condition of the ban. 

He said, “The operation of Twitter will now be fully regulated, including the opening of office and deployment of a Country Representative. We can now hold an officer responsible for any infraction. 

“Twitter only requested that the Federal Government should allow it to open the office in 2022 because there was no provision for it in its last year’s budget. Since we are in a new year, we are expecting that the office will take off soon. 

He explained that “With the payment of taxes, we are hopeful that the government will earn enhanced revenue from Twitter. This ban has helped to correct the lapses of the past. For instance, Twitter has been raking huge cash from Nigeria without legal backing and compliance with our revenue laws. 

“Although it was alleged that Nigerians have lost over N6billion to the ban the Federal Government has lost much more in revenue, he added. 

The statement added, “In spite of recourse to VPN by some users in Nigeria, Twitter revenue slumped considerably because this alternative does not fetch income to it. 

“Now, the era of impunity is gone. Twitter must register with CAC and operate in Nigeria as a business concern which it is in other parts of the world.” 

When asked when the ban will be lifted on Twitter, the source said, 

“The Technical Committee is looking into and fine-tuning offers from Twitter, especially reporting line and technical training, before making a final recommendation to the President to lift the ban. 

“President Buhari has agreed in principle to lift the ban but we have to consider the conditions and what Twitter offered. Some aspects have IT implications which the Technical Committee must study in the overall interest of the nation. Once the President gets the report of the committee, he will decide.” 

On June 4, 2021, Information, Culture, and Tourism Minister Lai Mohammed announced an indefinite ban on Twitter after the deletion of some tweets by President Buhari.