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Thu, Nov

Meta Begins Rolling Out Its First Gen AI Features For Advertisers

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Meta today announced its first generative AI-powered tools for advertisers, available inside Meta's Ad Manager network. This will allow the use AI to create backgrounds, expand images, and generate multiple versions of ad text based on their original copy. The launch of the new tools follows the company’s Meta Connect event last week where the social media giant debuted its Quest 3 mixed-reality headset and a host of other generative AI products, including stickers and editing tools, as well as AI-powered smartglasses.

The rollout marks the Facebook and Instagram owner's first foray into bundling generative AI technology into its products for mining vast stores of past data to generate new content like prose, art, and software code.

The tools will gradually be made available to more advertisers through next year.

Meta first introduced the AI Sandbox in May as a “playground” for testing early versions of new AI features before they’re distributed more widely. A small group of advertisers and media buyers, including Publicis, has been helping Meta test the tools, said Matt Steiner, Meta’s VP of monetization, during a press briefing on Tuesday.