Pro-Democracy Lawmakers Called On Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam To Resign

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Pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong on Thursday jeered Carrie Lam, the embattled leader and called for her to resign during a legislative session that was repeatedly suspended. It was the second day of chaos in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council as leader Lam tried to answer questions about her annual policy address, which she was forced to deliver by video link on Wednesday after a similar disruption in the assembly.

The chaos in the legislature emphasizes the deepening political rift in the city, with no end in sight to the often violent anti-government protests that began in opposition to an extradition bill but have evolved into a broad pro-democracy movement. Lam, who is backed by China’s government, announced measures on Wednesday to tackle the city’s chronic housing shortage in her address after she was jeered in the chamber.


Again on Thursday, pro-democracy lawmakers shouted for Lam to resign, saying she had blood on her hands. They also called on her to address protesters’ key demands – something her policy address largely ignored.


A number of members of the assembly were evicted, shouting and waving placards as security guards marched them out. Lam stood silently amid the commotion, offering no response to calls for her resignation and a calm defence of her policies.


“I hope the lawmakers can understand one policy address can’t help us jump out of our mindset,” Lam said, then pointed to housing reforms and living and transport subsidies announced on Wednesday.


“I have mentioned that we will be humble, listen to different voices and up an expert commission to find a way out of the current situation we are facing,” she said. (NAN)