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Sun, May

USA-Iran Deal: 5 prisoners Freed, $6Bn Funds Unfrozen

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The United States America (USA) and the Republic of Iran have concluded a deal where 5 American citizens with Iranian citizenship were swapped in exchange for the unfreezing of $6 billion of Iranian funds. The frozen funds were transferred to banks in Qatar, which acted as the mediator in the deal between the 2 countries.

An anonymous source said, “Iranian and US officials have been notified by Qatar that all $6 billion has been transferred from Switzerland to bank accounts in Qatar.

“A Qatari jet is on standby in Iran to bring the 5 US citizens and 2 relatives to Doha.”

According to reports, Iran generated $6 billion through oil sales to South Korea, but the funds were frozen during the tenure of former USA President, Donald Trump after he withdrew from a landmark nuclear accord with Iran.

The USA and Iran have been at loggerheads for close to a decade, especially as a result of Iran’s nuclear program, which the USA has claimed is detrimental to America’s interests, however, Iran have repeatedly claimed that their nuclear program is peaceful.