Escaped Lion from Kano Zoo Finally Recaptured


The Managing Director of Kano Zoological Garden, Alhaji Usman Gwadabe, has brought respite to many residents of Kano metropolis when he announced that, on early hours of Sunday, 20th October, 2019, a team of animal rangers have captured the escaped lion within the zoo premises.

Recall that, the viral news broke on Saturday night over the escape of the lion causing panic among residents of the busy zoo-road in the ancient city of Kano. The ever-busy zoo road with shops, filling stations, including the popular Ado Bayero Shopping Mall were padlocked with nobody around the place.


The deadly animal was returned from an Agricultural show in Nasarawa State and escaped when the rangers were trying to restore it into its cage.


According to the Managing Director of the zoological garden, the lion was found in a goat-cage resting after it killed all and ate some parts of the goats in the cage.


Meanwhile, the animal has been incapacitated with pentazine injection administered by expert ranger through a Tranquillizer-Gun. An effort is also being made to transfer the animal back to its enclave.