DSS STATEMENT: Why Undemocratic Elements Are Paranoid

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Recently, the DSS in a bid to preserve democratic ethos in the country, issued a statement alerting well meaning Nigerians of perceived grand plans by subversive elements to truncate democracy. The Secret Olokpa claimed that some aggrieved politicians, unfavorably disposed to the outcome of the 25th February poll, are clandestinely contriving to truncate democracy by all means possible.

Sadly, certain opinion molders that had in the past celebrated the secret police for being the most effective and professional intelligence organization in the country, have made a U-turn because of partisanship. People that publicly said the DSS was the reason why we are still one today, now claim that the revered Service had compromised.

For instance, one Jackson Ude, a strong supporter of the People’s Democratic Party and his cohorts that ordinarily should understand the law regarding change in leadership, have tweeted to hoodwink gullible followers that the process had been compromised. They have falsely vilified an intelligence Service for attempting to awaken the consciousness of Nigerians to a heinous plot that could destabilize the nation.

Now the question is, should we return to military rule or create an environment for unconstitutional government (interim government) which is unknown to law? Or the DSS should not perform its duty anymore? Who constitutes the interim? Same politicians that are aggrieved or the ones that are celebrating?

The solution to electoral discontent is the judiciary. And parties involved appear to have exploited the option. What did the DSS do that is causing the wahala? Hint that subversive elements are attempting to truncate democracy? What is their role? Apart from subversion, the DSS is saddled with responsibility of investigating and frustrating threats relating to sabotage, terrorism and insurgency amongst others.

Nobody wants violence or a repeat of probably a more violently #ENDSARS protest. INEC has announced a winner. Aggrieved politicians should explore lawful means to seek redress. Nothing more, nothing less. The DSS must not be cajoled into abandoning its constitutional responsibilities. Vintage photo shoots by adults, old enough to take personal decisions should not be exploited to blackmail a performing agency. Only the court can rule.

Nigerians must be weary of war mongers that have japa papers ready. The law should take its cause. Only the LAW.


Nnamdi Okafor writes from Awka, Anambra State.