PMB Commissions The C'n'C Centre of Aerial Surveillance In Kaduna State


 President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday has commissioned the Command and Control Centre of Kaduna State Aerial Surveillance and Monitoring System.


Speaking about the project, Governor El-Rufai said, “We believe that technology can enhance the hard work of the security agencies. Therefore, we decided after careful assessment to invest in modern technology. We have procured Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to monitor every inch of the state and relay real-time information.”

In his address, the governor noted that the package includes, “fixed wing drones and rotary drones, supported by cameras tethered in several locations across the state. The drones have night-time capacity and they are equipped with thermal cameras”.

“The aerial monitoring system being commissioned today includes an Emergency Situation Notification System, designed to enable residents of Kaduna State to report security incidents to a toll-free number, after which the drones can then be deployed for appropriate monitoring.

“We are also awaiting approval from the Nigerian Communications Commission to deploy 911 as the emergency number,” The Governor said.