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Thu, Feb

Dani Alves Risk Nine-Year Jail Term Over Rape Allegation

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Former Barcelona and Sevilla star Dani Alves could be facing up to nine years in prison if the prosecution gets the conviction they are hoping for, as his rape case has finally reached the trial phase.

Alves is accused of raping a woman in her twenties on the 30th of December 2022 and was arrested in late January after turning himself in. The incident took place in a Barcelona nightclub, and it is there he has been imprisoned without bail awaiting his trial. Alves denies all wrongdoing, claiming it was consensual sex, although he has changed his testimony on four occasions.

In addition to his nine-year sentence, the prosecutor is filing for €150k in damages for the victim, and 10 years of probation after his sentence, as per MD. Alves has spent the last ten months in prison as he was declared a flight risk by the judge. At the time, the 40-year-old was playing for Pumas in Mexico, but they have since sacked him.