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Thu, Feb

President Tinubu Inaugurates 3,112 Housing-units In Abuja

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President Bola Tinubu has pledged his willingness to commit to the country's economic prosperity and development. Mr President who said this on Thursday during the inauguration of 3,112 housing-unit Renewed Hope City in Karsana Abuja urged Nigerians not to look back but forward because they have a country that truly cares about them. He said his administration is setting a goalpost that it intends to win because it understands how to propel the engine of growth, stability, and the economic resurgence of Nigeria. "That's all I need to remind you, standing before you as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I pledge to Nigeria, my country to be faithful and committed to the economic development and prosperity of every one of you. We are given a little trust, but we build on that trust to assure you today, tomorrow, and the day after of prosperity that we can create it.

“You pledge to Nigeria, your country, my country. To be faithful, loyal, and honest. To serve Nigeria with all your strength. You saw it on the field of play yesterday. You are all rejoicing. Every one of us loves victory. We love to win. When you are positive and you are hopeful Nigeria is winning. We didn’t say it would be smooth all the way through. But we are confident that this country will excel in all ramifications. We will defend our unity and uphold our honor and glory in every way possible. Because we are Nigerians, we have no other country.

“Why we are launching a groundbreaking, shelter is a necessity. It’s a human right and we are here just to do that, set the record straight. From this site, groundnut sellers will eat. From this site, water sellers will make a living. From this site, carpenters, and roofmakers, will make a living. Brick and mortar, will stand the test of the time and bring the glory of Nigeria brighter than we met it.

“Here again, let’s talk to Nigerians. Let’s talk to ourselves and see everything positive about our country. Don’t be spoiled. Don’t think of your country negatively. Before I left home this morning, I asked for the pledge, and the printout of it and we had to relaunch it. Relaunch it. To be committed to the value, the greatness, the hope of our country. It is our country.

On the determination of his administration to ensure that Nigeria’s housing deficit is bridged, the president said he resolved to face the challenge with boldness and urgency.

“We aim to promote Public Private Partnership collaborations that attract domestic, foreign, and diaspora investments.

“We also aim to design and implement incentive schemes and boost our capital market while enhancing the governance and risk management frameworks to ensure their stability, transparency, and integrity.

“We have resolved to face the housing challenge with the clarity of purpose and determination, required to break the barriers that stand in our way of success.

“That is why I took the historic decision of separating the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development from Works, so it can be fully aligned toward tackling the nation’s massive housing problem.”

The president, therefore, reiterated his commitment to providing the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development with the political will to make a difference in the housing and urban development landscape of the country.