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Nigeria Records 10 Fresh Cases Of Monkeypox In 7 Days - NCDC

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The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has revealed that Nigeria has recorded 10 new confirmed cases of the Monkey Pox disease in six states. The health agency disclosed this via its official website, in its latest Monkeypox situation report released on Friday. Monkeypox is a rare viral infection that does not spread easily between people. It is usually a mild self-limiting illness and most people recover within a few weeks. However, severe illness can occur in some individuals. The agency said 44 new suspected cases of Monkeypox were reported between 30th May and 5th June 2022, from 14 states of which 10 were confirmed positive from six states. The states with new confirmed cases include Edo (2), Rivers (2), Plateau (2), Lagos (2), Imo (1) and Ondo (1). According to NCDC the country has so far recorded a total of 110 suspected cases of Monkey Pox disease from January to June 5. It added that the total number of confirmed cases within the same period has risen to 31.

“From January 1st to 5th June 2022, there have been 110 suspected cases in total and 31 confirmed cases from twelve (12) states – Adamawa (5), Lagos (6), River (3), Cross River (2), FCT (2), Kano (2), Delta (2), Bayelsa (2), Edo (2), Imo (2), Plateau (2), and Ondo (1),” the report reads.

“One death was recorded in a 40-year-old man with co-morbidity that was receiving immunosuppressive drugs.

“Since September 2017, Nigeria has continued to report sporadic cases of Monkeypox (MPX). On May 26th 2022, a Monkeypox National Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) was activated in response to the risk assessment conducted, which put Nigeria at high risk for a Monkeypox outbreak.

“The essence of the activation was to improve the coordination of related preparedness/response activities across the country.

“Overall and from September 2017 to 5th June 2022, a total of 622 suspected cases have been reported from 33 states in the country.

“Of the reported cases, 257 (41.3%) have been confirmed in 23 states – Rivers (55), Bayelsa (45), Lagos (36), Delta (31), Cross River (16), Edo (12), Imo (10), Akwa Ibom (7), Oyo (6), FCT (8), Plateau (5), Adamawa (5), Enugu (4), Abia (3), Nasarawa (2), Benue (2), Anambra (2), Ekiti (2), Kano (2), Ebonyi (1), Niger (1), Ogun (1) and Ondo (1).

“In addition, from September 2017 to June 5th, 2022, a total of nine (9) deaths have been recorded (CFR= 3.5%) in six states – Lagos (3), Edo (2), Imo (1), Cross River (1), FCT (1) and Rivers (1).”