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Thu, Apr

Heatwave: Avoid exhaustion, dehydration - Expert Warns

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Public health expert Dr. Gabriel Ameh has urged Nigerians to stay hydrated and prevent fatigue as the period of abnormally hot weather sets in the Federal Capital Territory. In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Abuja, Ameh noted that the high temperatures combined with the unstable power supply could cause illnesses, endanger cattle, or possibly result in fatalities.

The physician went on to note that in addition to high temperatures, the inhabitants' exposure to a heatwave and intense sun might also lead to severe dehydration, respiratory problems, and infections.

He continued by advising individuals to constantly drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

According to the Doctor,  “The consequences may be drastic; the weather is not stable; one minute it is hot, the next it is windy, dusty with a cooler temperature at night or dawn.

“I will advise people to avoid strenuous activities in hot environments; use fans or air-conditioning once there is power and constantly keep yourselves hydrated at all times.

“Wear light clothing and avoid the sun if possible.

“It is better to avoid anything that will cause one to visit the hospital for any medical emergency at this period, especially with the economic challenges to grapple with."

He also advised the use of nose masks when the weather turned dusty and windy, adding that residents should find ways to adapt to climate change.