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Omicron Variant; FG Reacts To UK Travel Ban Against Nigeria


The Nigerian Government has insisted that there is no plan at the moment to restrict foreigners from visiting Nigeria. Dr. Osagie Ehanire, the Minister of health made this known while having a chart with Channel Television on, Politics Today yester night.
Although most of the passengers who tested positive for the COVID-19 were from UK the Minister declared. Nigeria was blacklisted by the Canadian government from travelling to Canada last week where United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong follow suit. However, the Minister reacted that the impromptu in flagging Nigeria on red is uncalled for. He quoted the World Health Organisation, WHO stated that rather, countries should find a way of working together than falling apart.
In his statement, the Minister said, at the moment we have no plans restricting anybody coming from another country.”

The UK government revealed that out of the persons who were tested positive for Omicron variants, 21 of them were Nigerians.

It was further confirmed that today, all flights from Nigeria to UK has been restricted and also Visa application in Nigeria has been suspended too, all courtesy of the omicron.

Ehanire added, “We are watching what the science community is saying and of course not rushing to judgment and we are also not applauding any lockdowns or any prohibitions or banning of flights or movement of people until we know more.

He explained that the damage it will do to livelihood and economy may outweigh the value derived from shutting down movement between the countries he opined.

The Minister suggested that instead the countries should come together and take common approach and that includes the Uk and other countries contemplating to do same.