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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has announced that it will introduce an app on its smart television that will enable owners watch shows bought on Apple's iTunes service, Reuter’s reports. The Samsung deal is a step towards addressing the current weak Apple sales in China and the global market.

Apple has also announced several high profile deals for television content, through their Apple TV device, which includes an upcoming show with Oprah Winfrey.

Samsung said it will allow users purchase or rent iTunes movies and Television shows, browse as well as play their existing content. Apple's Airplay 2 is expected to be inclusive so iphone users can stream contents from their phones to Samsung televisions.

Services such as iCloud storage, iTunes music as well as films from Warner Bros, Sony, Universal, Fox and Walt Disney purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu are also presumed to be accessible.

This is the second deal Apple has made with another technology company. The first was in November,2018 when it signed a deal to stream Apple Music on Amazon's Echo smart speakers, despite Apple's own Home pod speakers which are in direct competition with Echo speakers.