Tue, Oct

Glo Launches Mobile TV Service

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Nigerian telecommunications company, Globacom has on Tuesday launched its Mobile TV “Glo TV” streaming service to promote entertainment, providing its subscribers with premium all-round entertainment, news, sports. The TV service is available on Android and iOS devices as well as the web for linear television video and catch-up content.

According to the company, the new service which is powered by Glo 4G technology will provide sought-after television content to millions of subscribers.

During the unveiling ceremony, the company said, “Glo TV brings engaging, interactive and premium entertainment content through a rich bouquet of offerings including hundreds of live entertainment programmes, music, documentary, news, original shows, fashion, lifestyle, kiddies’ interest channels and over 1,000 videos as the company continues to partner with content providers to address the needs of more customers across social strata”.

“This first-of-its-kind mobile TV initiative will offer the best premium all-round entertainment, news and sports content and is set to become Nigeria’s one-stop entertainment destination.

“We are confident that with the launch of Glo TV, our network will cater to the content preferences of Nigerians across different socio-economic groups and offer them an exclusive opportunity to experience the best-in-class TV content.”

The company assured its subscribers that it is committed to enriching and enhancing the Glo TV platform so that “it continues to deliver on its goal of creating entertainment, laughter, fun, happiness and excitement for our valued customers”.

Glo subscribers will be able to watch as many shows, documentaries, news, entertainment including Aljazeera, CGTN, Lollykids among others.