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Former Mali President Keita Dies At 76

Africa News

Ibrahim Boubakar Keita, the former Mali president has died at the age of 76, His family informed AFP news that Mr. Keita died on Sunday in Bamako. The former president led Mali from 2013 until he was ousted in a military junta in the year 2020. Mr. Keita was just two years into his second tenure of five years-term when a widespread protest against his government engulfed the country and attracted military intervention who toppled him, making the country under sanction for failing to restore civilian rule.

According to AFP, jihadist insurgency disrupted the country's fragile peace that Mr. Keita failed to handle properly; though failing to turn around the country's economy was one of his crimes. 

His government was adjudged to be on a snail pace political reform, decrepit public services, and schools coupled with perceived corruption in government are the factors that triggered protest in his government that he failed to manage. 

On August 18, 2020, the military had to intervene to restore order, seizing him and some of his cabinet members. 

The country has been under sanction by the ECOWAS over the failure of the military to organize elections. 

Mr. Keita was released in detention on 27th August and was returned to his residence in Bamako but was under close monitoring by the military administrator. 

The former leader suffered a partial stroke and was flown to the United Arab Emirates for treatment.