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Sun, May

Storm Kills Over 5,000 In Libya, Thousands More Missing

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At least more than 5,000 people are missing in Libya after a severe storm slammed into its eastern coast this week, according to the Red Cross. The storm made landfall in Libya a few days later, causing flooding on Sunday in cities along its eastern coast, including Benghazi, Bayda, and Derna. More than 5,300 bodies have so far been recovered in Derna. This is the worst, affected city where at least 34,000 people have been displaced.
The death toll is expected to rise as operations continue to recover bodies.

Rescue workers from Turkey and Egypt have arrived in the region to help.

Critical infrastructure, including healthcare, electricity, buildings, roads, and telecommunication, has been significantly damaged.

With Libya divided between two rival governments, concerns have been raised that their rivalry will make aid missions more complicated.

Storm Daniel formed over Greece on September 4. It caused strong winds, heavy rains, flooding, and deaths there and in Turkey and Bulgaria before crossing the Mediterranean.

More international emergency teams and humanitarian aid organizations are on their way, however, the Red Cross admits the window to find survivors may be drawing to a close.

UN has expressed concern stressing that natural disasters are becoming more common and pronounced