Convene Security Conference Now Before We All Get Consumed – PDP Call On Buhari


Following the rising wave of insecurity that has taken the centre stage on the national discussion, the People Democratic Party (PDP) has called on President Buhari to call for a Security conference before the whole country is thrown into chaos.
The National Chairman of the Main opposition PDP, Prince Uche Secondus, made this call yesterday in his keynote address during the 91st emergency National Executive Committee (NEC) in Abuja yesterday.

Secondus said, being the main opposition in the country, keeping mute in a situation like this is not golden, lamenting that under the Buhari administration, the life of Nigerians has become too cheap that can be killed at will by criminal element unrestricted.

In his statement, “For us as opposition, any sacrifice to stop the endless bloodletting of innocent citizens should be activated including but not limited to the immediate convocation of a national conference on security for comprehensive and all-embracing deliberation on the future of this country.

He added that “Our country today is grounded by insecurity and there has been no matching response from government despite the demands of the 1999 operating constitution in Section 14 (2b) that ‘the welfare and security of the citizens shall be the primary purpose of government,’ ”

Secondus recalled that when his party was in power before the coming of Buhari on board, only the northeast was bedeviled with terrorism, however, said with the coming of Buhari, the whole country has been engulfed into chaos such that nobody is feeling safe again.

He explained that the immediate past administration had confined terrorists in the northeast, but today, the terrorist has taken over about 17 villages in Niger state which is in the north-central. Herdsmen are also demolishing the north-central into nothing, while bandits have denied the North West peace, raping, looting, raising villager’s homes and maiming has become the order of the day, Secondus added.

The PDP chairman said that under such a situation emergency security conference has become necessary so that all meaningful Nigerians can put heads together and find a way forward.

He noted that the United States just released a travel guide to its citizens were not to visit for security reason and which Nigeria is part of it he said.

He added that Kano state has shut down schools for fear of the unknown which is clearly frustrating the school system in the region, he added, the abduction of school students in Kaduna state has continued unabated despite the concentration of security operatives in the state.

Secondus laments that anarchy has been let loose by men underworld but the government could not do anything, and for this reason, he said his party is the main opposition have added their voices so that the Nigerian state would be saved from crumbling.

He added although the APC as a party has swallowed its pride and have called on the international community for help which they should have done long time ago to save the blood of innocent citizen.

The PDP National Chairman lament that if nothing tangible is done to save the situation, the general election of 2023 might be threatened, if not aborted un-ceremonially, therefore called on the government to reach out to an expert on security to help stop the situation.

In his remarks, the Governor of Bauchi state, Bala Mohammed pledged his unalloyed loyalty to the second administration, saying he was never part of trouble makers in the country.

Mr Mohammed called on Nigerians to join hands with party members and rescue the nation from what he described as the ineptitude of the APC lead administration stressing with all hands on deck, they can wrestle power back to their fold come 2023.