Apple is now just hours away from almost certainly presenting us with our first look at iOS 12 at its annual WWDC conference. This is the software that will define the experience of 2018's new iPhones, and also update current iPhones and iPads when it comes out to devices later this year.

Rumors suggest that Apple's plans for iOS 12 will make this refresh a bump, not a jump, a fine-tuning that fixes past problems and buffs up the quality of day-to-day use. Here's what we might see.

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The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) says telecom operators’ decision to transfer their operating cost to customers is unacceptable.

The Director -General of CPC, Mr Babatunde Irukera made this known at end of the E-Payment Providers Association of Nigeria workshop in Lagos on Sunday.

According to Irukere, the 0.005 per cent directive imposed by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on all electronic transactions is an operational cost for operators and should not in any way be transferred to customers.

Apple has prevented the Telegram messaging service from updating globally ever since Russia banned the service and ordered Apple to remove it from its online store, Telegram’s chief executive and founder claimed on Thursday.

Pavel Durov said on his Twitter and Telegram accounts that while the application was available from Apple, Telegram has not been able to deliver technical updates to installed versions of the product anywhere.

He wrote that without updates, Telegram would not work properly with the latest version of the iPhone operating system and it was out of compliance with the new European data privacy law. While Russia makes up 7 percent of Telegram’s users, updates for all Telegram users were being restricted, Durov said.

According to Ice Universe, a well-known Weibo leaker, the Pixel 3 XL will have an OLED display with a notch made by LG. This information was first reported by the Digital Daily, a Korean publication with no track record of Google leaks. However, the Weibo posting adds more weight to the report.

Facebook struck dozens of data-sharing deals with smartphone and tablet makers over the last decade, according to a report by The New York Times. The newspaper revealed Sunday that Facebook had formed at least 60 data-sharing partnerships with device makers including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung over the last 10 years.

A dual-screen mobile device project from Microsoft thought to be abandoned may have been snatched up by Dell. Dell’s device is reportedly codenamed “Januss,” and has been under development since last year, but it’s not clear whether the device will ever come to market.

Google has rewarded a Uruguayan teenager for reporting a severe security flaw that would have allowed hackers to make changes to the company’s internal systems. This marks the fifth bug that Ezequiel Pereira has submitted to Google’s bug bounty program. It’s also the most valuable, earning him more than $36,000.

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